Teman Anda Level 1
Anda mendapatkan 0.50%% komisi bonus dari teman level 1
Teman anda bertaruh di HOBISLOT77
Kelompok Jumlah Bulanan Anggota Aktif Berdasarkan Game Ref 1
Sportbook Tidak ada S&K 0.50%
Casino Tidak ada S&K 0.50%
Slot Tidak ada S&K 0.50%
Cockfight Tidak ada S&K 0.30%
Poker Tidak ada S&K 0.30%
Tangkas Tidak ada S&K 0.50%
Fishing Tidak ada S&K 0.50%
Lottery Tidak ada S&K 1.00%
Affiliate /Referal
The AFFILIATE / REFERRAL system is a marketing system offered by HOBISLOT77 to get hundreds of millions of profits every month in the form of profit sharing, commission / bonus for each member who registers to become an agent, then promotes, and successfully offers / invites new members to join, register and be active play on HOBISLOT77.

For each agent who successfully invites new members to join and play, the agent will get the profit sharing / commission / bonus amount from the results of each game performed by each new member, with a value that varies according to the calculation system for each different game.

Terms and Conditions
Do not make pishing sites / use other website names / brands / brands for the benefit of affiliates / referrals.

Must have downline members who actively play at least 5 people every month.

Profit sharing / dividends and referral commission will be given on the 2nd of every month .

Referral Commission for Results / Dividend
Only applies to Togel Games, Live Games, Slots, Live Casino, Sportsbook, Fishing & Cockfight (does not apply to CardGames games)

The amount is determined based on the total loss value of the agent's downline member.

The profit sharing calculation will be calculated based on the net winnings after deducting the commission / rebate / cashback / bonus.

The Profit Sharing calculation will be calculated from the amount of your Referral's Net Loss after deduction

  • Operating Costs from a member's gross whopping amount of 10%.
  • Promotion fees such as commission / rebate / cashback / bonus, etc.
  • Jackpot Fee. (depending on the amount of the stake)

Value of commission amount from profit sharing program / dividend:


Level Total Member Definition Achivements Commission for Results
1 up to 200 million 20%
2 200.1 million to 500 million 30%
Jill 500.1 million to 800 million 30%


  Player A's total winlose - 100,000,000

  Player B total winlose - 150,000,000

  Player C total winlose - 20,000,000

  Player D total winlose + 10,000,000

  Player E total winlose + 5,000,000

Total net losses of members in 1 month = IDR - 255,000,000

Cut Operating Costs 10% = IDR (25,500,000)

Cut promotional costs (commission / rebate / bonus / cashback / etc) = IDR (5,000,000)

Cut promotional costs (commission / rebate / bonus / cashback / etc) = IDR (5,000,000)

The remaining net profit on the website = IDR 224,500,000

Total commission for TURNOVER CARDGAME in a month = IDR 25,000,0000

The total SHARE OF RESULT / DIVIDEND obtained by the agent is = (25% x IDR 224,500,000) + 25,000,000 = IDR 81,125,000 / month.